The color betrays your mood, the painting being the most honest and direct type of communication. Clipa exprimării cromatice nu coincide cu timpul germinării ideilor. Artistul rezumă în subconștient tot ce l-a impresionat din viață, dar mai ales esențialul din povara culturală a secolelor precedente, lucrările lui reprezentând o legătură subtilă între ceea ce a fost și ceea ce va fi, a vechiului încă nepătruns total, transformat în spirit, și a clipei concrete.

(Virginia Videa)

Personal Art Statement

          My painting is not part of a particular design style; it is personal and independent. This is not the result of a deliberate detachment from contemporary artistic product, but an own thinking and intimate one. My inner world, which I express in my art, exhibits an intense and opulent optimism, totally opposite to the way I manifest in everyday life.

          I run even the creative way somehow backwards. Although drawing is a feature of mine, my paintings do not have this appearance. Everything starts from color, the one expressing my mood. I do not consider, in any moment, the problem of the perception by others of the feelings that release this state in myself. The dialogue with the colored ground is absolutely intimate. This kind of expression gives me confidence to love my adult creative play.

          I love philosophy, poetry, and music. I appreciate the beauty of nature and try to organize in it a habitat in which to balance the silence inside me. Only in this way I can detach from the immediate reality, refusing to be influenced by it, and that is only possible when reality is not ostentatious in any way. A quiet and still background of perception is the necessary condition of my artistic act production.

          I wholeheartedly believe that the purity of thought, expressed by color, is in this way touched more easily by "angel wings". The musicality of chromatic harmonies brings away the regret that my only artistic language is painting, but the accents I use to highlight my mood give me the sensation of touching the keys of a well-tuned piano.

          In my painting, I do not go so far as to get tired the already organized area. Maybe I stop too soon, but I continue the early state of the mood in another work, in which I develop it; therefore my paintings are grouped into "cycles", generically called and being individualized by numbers.

          I love colored grays but always escape in pure colors, in which I express myself more directly and honestly.

          My paintings should not necessarily be searched for their subject. I want to be understood by the sensations set off in the viewers, and the more they will be different, it means the more I was able to transmit.

          I am among those who are moved at viewing the works of other artists, love them, and appreciate them most sincerely. In any collective exhibition I feel inside my family that I love. There I have my parents (the masters), siblings, and friends. We speak the same, but articulating the sounds differently, like in a large orchestra.

          Evolution comes naturally, working. I notice that I followed a road to reach a point from which I go easily, but a little outside it, always returning to my personal constant. In fact, in this way, my works are really my own.

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